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Social Depth Platform

Technologies that add social content and interactions (e.g., blogs, ratings and reviews, user 

generated content, forums, online communities) to branded websites to drive exploration of 

products and services.


Description Social Hub Round@bout Social Depth Platform

Your Brand is active on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. The conversations and engagement happen on those platforms and not on your website. 


This is the world upside-down. You should be in control on your website.

We make that happen!



By creating your social wall you will drive user engagement and brand recognition to the highest level. Learn what people like, are attracted to and share. You will collect intensive sets of intelligent data and statistics and will be able to position your brand or event better.


Connect your Social Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

Connect your news like blogs or RSS news feeds, your live  widgets and information. Build your Social Wall


You can create a set of tools and settings where you attract users to actually sign up with your brand and let them be part of your brand  experience. Let users sign up and enable them to interact with your posts or share their news on your website. Convert them from viewers to ambassadors.


Communities like Social hubs are all about sharing moments through text, video or photo. Posting is the most essential part of such a platform. Enabling users to engage with the community. Users can also share, like and comment. These are all very critical parts of growing a social wall into a community.


" If you want a community, you need to build a community, and that means a branded community on a domain you own." 

By Nate Elliott, SVP Forrester Research


Customize and manage your Social Hub the way you like and need.

You are in control of your wall.

Manage settings, notifications, people and content.


Your Social Wall will provide you with great insights and analytics. Based on our own analytics tools , combined with standards like Google Analytics and upgraded with intelligence from JibeCompany. You get the best there is to find out Who are in your scope, What they are doing and Why they are there.


One of the great advantages of your Social Wall is that it will allow you to start building a huge set of intelligent data around your brand, event or topic. You start collecting information you can reuse for future purposes like personalized and targeted advertising.



Our pricing strategy is easy and meant for a quick setup.
No setup fee's, long term contracts or hassle.

Just setup and Go

  • 30 feeds

  • Refresh rate every 10 minutes

  • Several different templates

  • Hashtags, users, pages and mentions

  • CMS

  • Statistics and Dashboarding

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