Customer Experience Platform


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Customer Experience Platform

Make your business or topic count, connect likeminded people to your business to business solution. connect and create. Everyday business grows into relevancy and engagement

An online community that connects customers, personalizes interactions and content, is at the center of a successful omnichannel customer experience across all touchpoints. 


As customer satisfaction increases , so will customer loyalty and your top and bottom line performance.



Everyone of your clients or contacts a profile. Connect them to each other. Provide a stage for everyone in the network


Your business is mobile. People connect around your business every day through all possible ways. We make sure you can be on top of mind anytime and anywhere!


The stories of your clients and business partners


Connect your business partners and network to each other. Get them connected around your business.


Create unique spaces in your network to connect people. Every space can be a topic, venue or business.


Realize conversion /upsell and cross sell tickets for other exhibitions in the Hermitage.