Employee Experience Platform

Employee Experience Platform

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Social Enterprise Network

Create real conversations and collaboration with your team. Work together, act together and get more done every day.

Customer experience begins at the heart of an organization. It begins with employees being the strategy and living the brand. An enterprise social network allows for more interaction and communication between employees.



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Every employee is unique with their own skills and role in the company. We acknowledge that. The basics for every Intranet are people and their profiles. Enable everyone to easily find one another based on a variety of search or suggestions sets


Workplaces are flexible, our solution too.

Wherever you are at work, we provide the screen you need. The desktop, responsive or through the app. Your work , relationships and content travel with you.



Everyday things happen in workplaces, amazing stories grow and important messages travel through organizations. We provide the Blog tool to create those stories in an easy manner.


Organizations are all about people. Get to know everyone around you, search for skills, create groups and interact...


One of the most important features in an Intranet environment is the way to work together. Share files, collaborate on work and projects, create groups, share information and more. Everything you need or want is part of our collaboration suite.


In a Social Intranet everything needs to be in reach within a few clicks.

Deep and intelligent search is a key component in making a Social Intranet work.

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