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Brand Experience Platform


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Brand Experience Platform

Brand experience is all about the shared interest, passion or topic, the glue that connects likeminded people;


Building your brand is tough.

Creating engagement and brand loyalty is even tougher. You need the right set of tools. Social tools, data and content.
Building the engagement and loyalty should happen on your own domain.

We make that happen!


A Social Network starts with people.

Everyone is able to create their own unique profile.

The profile is the "base" to interaction. Follow others or vice versa. Create content, share and connect in all possible ways.


We realise how the world has changed. Everyone is mobile. Content is dynamic. It should be consumed from any place or from any device.
We created our platform "  Device First"

You can use it from the web, your mobile browser ( responsive/adaptive) or through the app.



One of the strongest drivers for communities is unique user generated blog content. Blogs are perfect for sharing thoughts and ideas where posts are moments and media ( photo&video). People engage on Blogs and furthermore indexation for Blogs is high in search engines.


Social Networks are all about sharing moments through text, video or photo. Posting is the most essential part of the platform. Enabling users to engage with the community. Posting also adds sharing , liking and commenting. These are all very critical parts of growing the community in a succesfull way.


" I’ve never seen any brand successfully build a long-term community on Facebook. Maybe around a topic for a week, people come together, but conversations aren’t threaded" 

By Nate Elliott, SVP Forrester Research


The foundation of sharing and following around the communities is based on our "Labels"  principle. Every connection is signed to a Label of the user. This enables the user to be in control over his or her connections, see the timeline as they like by all posts or by label and last but not least create posts that are meant for the whole community or just for some labels.


People are the foundation of every community. Connecting people is key. Our model works by Follow and be Followed connecting to "labels" . Every connection is signed to a Label. We use intelligent suggesting features to connect people to each other. Share content and enable the network to grow organically.


One of the key features to make the community work is to make sure everything and everyone can be found easily. It contains an intelligent search engine to serve and help everyone using the community.