VV Zuidland

Social Network

by Clubbs.me

VV Zuidland Social Network


#zuidland #soccer


A Social Network for amateur soccer teams

where team members, coaches, parents and

supporters can interact around their favourite

sport and club


Create real life online communication between soccer team members and the club.


Team communication in the amateur soccer sport is a hassle and hurdle. We created an amazing platform for teams to communicate with their team , and overall with their club.

This project is called Clubbs.me , VV Zuidland is the first soccer club to launch this amazing platform.


Have every Team and Club member active on the same Club Platform to communicate, share and interact.


The whole project is done with our IT team and built from scratch as a platform to be used by every soccer club. The platform is connected with the KNVB API for match planning, scores and more...

Community Networkz 2016