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Create a unique platform for parents and

their young children to engage in the

amusement park community and their strong

characters Jul & Julia


Second case: Build their new Website.


Create a unique experience based community where you can find anything about it's unique characters..


Julianatoren is a unique small amusement park built for parents and their young children. A place to play, laugh and be entertained. Julianatoren has some unique characters built around the "mouse"  theme. Children are drawn into the world of "Jul and Julia"  and their adventures. This platform will extend the fun time they have in the park to a unique online experience.


Get parents and their children active on the community. Have them interact during the season and play games or share stuff. During the season the goal is to create a second park visit or convert the tickets into Season tickets.


During the course of the project we worked extremely close with the Julianatoren team. Inhouse we managed their ongoing Social Media exposure with great success. After releasing the community we will target to convert the Social Media and Web visits into active community members.

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